Large Website Journey Example

Click on the image above to open the PDF.

Think about how you can adapt this chart to your projects. 

What methodologies could you employ? 
Do you need every step? Can you combine them?
Where would agile, waterfall, sprints, lean, design thinking or human-centered design play a role?

What size team do you really need?
What could be the smallest efficient team?
Where could you split project management and client duties?
What additional specialists could you bring into your team for short periods of time for added perspective or knowledge?

I've defined a scope phase. Is this useful, and if so, how?

Could you use stage gates or locks? Would they be different in team based or agile workflows?
Are locks useful and in what way?

What activities could be condensed? Which ones would you add or subtract?

No workflow is purely linear. What steps in this chart could require concurrent processes or dependencies? In what ways could your process incorporate sprints, sprint planning and sprint retrospectives?