Old Skool Agency Process Manuals

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with agencies to develop various workflow systems. One of the most important steps in creating new workflow and new systems is to distill and identify the basics within the agency. The link below is the result of a very basic workflow analysis. The book called, "How the Agency Works," was meant to be used as an educational tool and a starting point for discussing process within an agency. This version of the workflow book was developed for a small to medium size agency and is just one of the many different versions of the book.

"How The Agency Works."

Here is a version that was done a few years back for a Healthcare Agency. Again, simple print centric workflow.

"How The Agency Works - Healthcare."

Traffic Manager - Generic Job Description

This job description is for a generic traffic manager. Coordinates assigned client's creative and production projects. 


  • Keeps track of day-to-day ad releases.
  • Open job number/job file folder, maintains job bag and job histories.
  • Writes up job spec and job order/ request forms.
  • Manages all specs and deliverables and distributes to production and the studio.
  • Contributes to agency master publication spec sheets.
  • Traffics online, offline or broadcast materials. Calls to make sure that materials were received.
  • Routes estimates.
  • Ensures appropriate proofing.
  • Ensures projects are delivered on time.
  • Delivers clean job file folder to billing when job completeness are met.
  • Distributes P.O.s and copies of estimates.
  • Prepares cost analysis sheet, quality control forms
  • Updates production log and project estimates and billing binders.
  • To obtain deadline extensions from media, when needed.