Integrated Basics - Job Intake Questions

As a producer one of the most important jobs is estimating a project accurately. Create your own cheat sheet to have on hand when you scope out a project. This way you can get down all the info you need upfront, or mark which topics you need to follow up on.

A Request for Proposal Checklist (often called a backgrounder) may include the following topics.  


Synopsis of what’s being asked

  • Budget
  • Timing
  • Who’s on the Client’s team


  • Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Campaign, project or product?
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Media Placement


Project Background

  • What’s the Client’s background information on this job? 
  • What’s the client asking the agency to do?
  • What’s the competitive environment? 
  • Who are the consumers?

Strategic Viewpoints

  • What’s this specific project’s strategy? 
  • How does this fit in to the overall strategy (for the client or brand)?
  • What’s the relevant research?
  • How does the agency perceive the product/brand? 

Positioning / Position Statement

  • What’s the agency being tasked to do on this job?
  • What’s this brand’s positioning? 
  • How does this fit in with the overall corporate positioning?

The Task

  • What are the client’s objectives for this project? 
  • What are they expecting to accomplish?
  • What are the basics we need to communicate? What are the mandatories? 

The Audience

  • Who are we talking to?
  • What do the consumers feel about the category, the brand, the product, the company and the competition?
  • What do we want the consumers to feel or perceive at the end of the project?
  • What do we want the consumers to do?
  • Where are we driving the consumers?
  • Why should the audience care about the positioning?
  • How should we communicate with the consumer? Tone, voice.


  • Brief Objective (Brand Awareness, Product Sales, etc)
  • Campaign Project Lifespan
  • Target group (Primary/Secondary)
  • Other Brand/Campaign Creative/Strategies/References
  • Other:


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Graphics/ Logos/ Fonts /Etc.
  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow/User Experience
  • Other:


  • Brand site
  • Standard flash banners
  • Rich media ad units
  • Campaign site
  • Mobile application
  • Online game
  • Social media application
  • Web videos
  • Other:


  • Live Shoot
  • Commercial
  • Short Film
  • Documentary
  • Brand Film
  • Animation
  • Print Ad
  • Physical Product
  • Experiential
  • Viral


  • Design Specifications
  • Packaging / POS
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Assets


  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • OOH
  • POS


  • Scope, constraints specs


  • Design Development (Graphic Design/Illustration)
  • Live Action Shoot (Partner/Director: )
  • Stock Footage/Photography
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mix
  • 3D Rendering
  • 2D Rendering/Compositing/ Animation
  • Post-Production of Footage (Offline/Online Edits, Grading, etc)
  • Music: Licensed/Original
  • Other:


  • Start date
  • Creative review dates (#of revisions, timeframe for approvals) 
  • Tracking strategy and dates
  • Animation/build dates
  • Alpha delivery
  • QA schedule
    Approval deadlines (including client/legal reviews)
  • Final delivery date
  • Launch date
  • On Air Date
  • Media Post-launch optimization
  • Source file delivery dates


  • Screen Resolution
  • OS Compatibility
  • CPU/Processor Speed Requirements
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Software/Languages Used (flash, php, mysql, html, xml, etc) o Hosting/hardware Requirements (server setup, CDN)
  • Page Load Limitations
  • Search Engine Optimization Requirements
  • Tracking Requirements (tags placed, deeplinking for flash sites)
  • Licensing of Software Required
  • Localization Requirements
  • Admin/Moderation Requirements
  • Integration with Current Brand/Project Back-End Environments
  • (Client IT Management)
  • Source files/code Ownership
  • Support Agreement/Requirements


  • Licensing of content
  • Full outline of scope
  • Full listing of deliverables
  • Awards submission and project credentials
  • Team and time needed
  • PR Needs
  • Other: