Integrated Basics - Simple Scope of Work

One of the most important documents in a agency is the agreement between the agency and the client. Most agencies will have a standardize format in the form of a "Scope of Work" this document lays out important information regarding all areas of the agreement. It also acts as an agency estimate and financial agreement.  (As with all legal documents, please have your lawyer review any legalese.)

Here is an example of what goes into a simplified scope of work: 

Client Name
Product (or Project Name) 


A short two line description of the client request, reframed with specifics that define the project. For important information, also add it into the assumptions section of the scope of work.


  • Bullet point 1.
  • Number of rounds of creative.
  • Number of rounds of reviews.
  • Final delivery and final formats.
  • Any other delivery information.


Be as specific as possible, and include working days and week range. The sample schedule (shows three phases of a generic interactive design project) is as follows:



Kick Off Meeting

Call with Tech Team / Tech Specs delivered

User Experience and Wireframe Development

Present User Experience Concepts

Review 1: User Experience and Wireframes Review

Feedback Due


Designs (Key Pages) and Wireframes (Interior Pages)

Review 2: Designs (Key Pages) and Wireframes (Interior Pages)

Feedback Due

Design Revisions + Production

Review 3: All designs

Feedback Due

Final Design Revisions + Production

Final Design Delivery


In addition to the deliverables described in this SOW, with any limitations as noted, the Services and Deliverables are based on the following assumptions. Should there be deviations from these assumptions as the engagement progresses, Plus will communicate the impacts of such deviations, including possible impacts to the timeline and/or budget. Client agrees to work in good faith with Plus’s reasonable requests for changes of scope if necessary.

  • Client will provide a single point of contact and will be responsible for ensuring timely receipt of consolidated feedback.
  • Client is providing all assets and established design direction.
  • Client is responsible for development and quality assurance. No technical or development support is included in this scope.
  • Development specifications and limitations will be provided to agency upon project kick off.
  • Client will provide agency with direct contact with development partner should it be needed.
  • Plus will deliver a single set of designs to be implemented across devices.
  • Client is responsible for producing product imagery, and slicing images from final delivery PSDs.
  • Additional requests or changes to deliverables will be assessed for schedule and budget impacts and may require a Change of Scope. Any changes or extensions to the schedule will be assessed for budget impacts and may require a Change of Scope.


The total flat fee for all Services and Deliverables under this Statement of Work is $XX,XXX.XX 

The invoicing schedule for the SOW as follows: 

Terms         Invoice Date                       Amounts Due

Invoice 1: Due on Receipt
Execution of Agreement Date xx/xx/xx

Invoice 2: 30 Days
Upon Completion of Production xx/xx/xx

Invoice 3: On Delivery
Upon Completion of Job (xx/xx/xx)

Total Due This SOW  $xx,xxx.xx


The terms set forth in this SOW, including delivery dates and amounts payable, are contingent on prompt approval by Client and are subject to change if its signature is not received on or before xx/xx/xx.

Terms & Conditions

This price quotation will be honored for 30 days from the day it was sent.

XX% deposit of $XX.XX will be required prior to the day of work. In the event of your cancellation of this project or non-payment, we will invoice you for all the work completed up to the date and time of cancellation, including incurred fees and expenses. Any deviation from original project scope as described in the overview in this document may result in change in price.  Should this occur, client will be made aware of change as soon as possible.  Any alterations by the client of project specifications may result in price changes.  Any changes or extensions to this schedule, and/or changes to the deliverables, will result in additional costs. All additional costs exceeding the original estimate will be quoted to and approved by Client before costs are incurred.

Approved to proceed and have read and agree with terms and conditions.


By signing in the spaces provided below (Client) and (Agency) have agreed to all of the terms and conditions of this Statement of Work.

Client Name Here (“Client”)

Agency Name Here. (“Agency”) 

(Add space for signatures, titles & dates for both parties)