Traffic Manager - Generic Job Description

This job description is for a generic traffic manager. Coordinates assigned client's creative and production projects. 


  • Keeps track of day-to-day ad releases.
  • Open job number/job file folder, maintains job bag and job histories.
  • Writes up job spec and job order/ request forms.
  • Manages all specs and deliverables and distributes to production and the studio.
  • Contributes to agency master publication spec sheets.
  • Traffics online, offline or broadcast materials. Calls to make sure that materials were received.
  • Routes estimates.
  • Ensures appropriate proofing.
  • Ensures projects are delivered on time.
  • Delivers clean job file folder to billing when job completeness are met.
  • Distributes P.O.s and copies of estimates.
  • Prepares cost analysis sheet, quality control forms
  • Updates production log and project estimates and billing binders.
  • To obtain deadline extensions from media, when needed.