The Old Studio Manager - Job Description

Lastly, the old skool print studio manager (email me for updates of all these.)

The Studio Manager acts as the main studio point person for all studio production materials. They manage the creation of all studio work and supervise other production and/or freelance artists.  Small agencies can have one studio manager, or multiple studio managers broken down by serving individual clients. Studios can also be broken up into, comping, prepress & production and new business. Today’s studio’s are traditionally profit centers for the agency producing prepress materials in-house and charging for the work. Studios also may incorporate additional services such as retouching or interactive work.


  • Responsible for all production materials released from the agency
  • Supervise the creation of all art mechanicals for assigned clients, through comp to final disk release for the agency.
  • Track all misc. studio requests for each assigned client.
  • Act as lead studio production artist and quality control person for all assigned projects.
  • Manage studio production artists and freelancers in completion of the individual assignments.
  • Schedule daily studio workload, manage work changes.
  • Work with project managers/production staff to accomplish all internal studio work.
  • Provide design and new business support as needed.
  • Track usage & maintenance of all studio devices; computers, printers, scanners and digital cameras, etc.
  • Maintain a clean studio and surrounding environment. 
  • Estimate and invoice studio services charges for assigned clients (i.e. color copies, poster prints, discs, cd-roms, new business materials, etc.).
  • Review studio/production time schedules and estimates where needed. Track and train all assistant and freelance studio staff in all relevant skill areas.
  • Contact, hire & supervise all agency studio freelancers for assigned projects (in-house/outside). 
  • Maintain agency archiving and filing systems.
  • Track supply inventories for studio - work with agency purchaser for all consumables.