Studio Print Production Artist - Job Description

This is a rather old skool job description, as most production artists now have additional skills in interactive.

Responsible for producing mechanicals from layout or spec sheets for final production. Lead responsibility for producing files for publication and press. Produces materials for creative presentations, new business and internal projects as needed. Create and ensure the delivery of correctly prepared, complete, accurate artwork to printers and manufacturers.


  • Lead production artist in the final production of all prepress files. 
  • Trains and reviews prepress file preparation with other studio artists to maintain accurate and consistent files.
  • Acts as main studio person to review, monitor and maintain all studio output devices.
  • Review assignments directly with the Studio supervisor to determine the best method of execution.
  • Produce computer mechanicals based on the creative concept layout and maintain the creative integrity of the original concept. 
  • Review prepress file specifications prior to producing files and maintain consistent file preparation suitable for outputting by publications or vendors.
  • Assist the studio manager in developing methods to create and maintain consistent studio file preparation.
  • Work with the Studio Manager in developing color calibration techniques that produce consistent file results between the comp, layout and final mechanical.
  • Track usage & maintenance of all studio devices; computers, printers, scanners and digital cameras, etc.
  • Maintain a clean studio and surrounding environment. 
  • Work with staff to produce reproduction artwork for design, advertising, and other projects.
  • Ensure the quality and accuracy of files that are created or sent to print publications or vendors.
  • Communicate as necessary with studio or project manager  to eliminate and prevent errors and problems. 
  • Check artwork for completeness and assure adherence to standards. 
  • Monitor art preparation guidelines. Recommend technical and procedural updates and changes as needed. 
  • Assist in the collection and distribution of assets for preparation of production artwork as necessary.
  • Assist in organizing, monitoring, archiving, and maintaining files on the server.