Studio Imaging / Retouching Artist - Job Description

If your agency has a studio, their production studio may have a variety of production specialists.

While this job description is for an imaging artist / retoucher. Most studio artists will also have some additional base level or advanced interactive design or html skills.

Imaging Artist / Retoucher. Provides image retouching, color correction, or compositing on assigned projects. May also provide illustrations or low res comping. Duties also include prepress and studio support related projects.


  • Scans and retouches all artwork according to the creative and production specifications.
  • Works with the Studio Manager, Production Manager or Production Staff and assigned AD/CD’s to achieve desired results.
  • In some agencies, In conjunction with SM, PM & PD, works with vendors to coordinate, scans, digital output, outside color correction and outside retouching.
  • Advises creative on best way to achieve approved concept via scan/illustration/scanning/retouching/pre-press techniques.
  • Prepares proofs (black and white laser output or specified color output such as Epsons).
  • Discusses final art with assigned Art Director/CD/PM for each project.
  • Confirms all production deadlines with Studio Manager/Traffic Manager.
  • Acts as production artist where necessary or specifically requested to do so.
  • Discusses outside production elements required for job with various vendors in conjunction with TM/PM/CD.
  • Reviews all work for errors/omissions with Studio Manager prior to turning in work for Creative/AE/Client approval.
  • Makes all requested changes/corrections promptly and correctly.
  • Preflights, check all artwork for correct press or usage.
  • Act as Technical advisor to junior staff.
  • May be called upon to maintain production/pre-press related computer equipment, including but not limited to scanning equipment, output devices, servers, web related software, software and all related hardware.
  • Evaluate and scan original artwork to achieve acceptable reproduction quality output.
  • Work with the Studio Manager in developing color calibration techniques that produce consistent color output from scanner to monitor to output device.