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Leading Chaos —
The Art & Science of Creative Project Management

Release date July 2016

Leading Chaos —The Art & Science of Creative Project Management is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how to manage projects in a creative firm environment. This books offers considered insights into the many frameworks, models and ways of approaching project management in the creative business environment. Leading Chaos offers key strategies to approach leading both directed and self-directed teams. 

Topics Include:

• guidelines for managing creative firms & teams
• project management in the creative environment
• managing the project team
• creative firm culture
• creative firm process
• creative firm structure
• moving beyond traditional project management
• waterfall & agifall project management
• the integrated producer
• an introduction to agile

Written for both creative firm leaders and professional creative project managers, Leading Chaos identifies and offers ways of managing creative process & workflow that is tailored specifically to the unique needs of creative businesses and in-house creative departments. Leading Chaos is authored by Ed Burgoyne writer of the popular creative project management website