New Ways of Working, Mean Rethinking Talent

One of the last components of building an agency model that supports your agency’s model are the actual people that work within your agency. It’s not all about what type of project manager you have in your agency that supports one process or another, it’s what type of people you have in your agency that can also support and be a part of your agency model.

A lot of the value an agency can provide to a client is based on the people in the agency. This is where ideas, speed, innovation, and technical know-how comes from. 

Your Project Leaders are the Firm’s Process & Governance Champions

Integrating project management and the creative process

Managing the creative process is more than just setting and following the rules of typical project management procedures. As a creative industry, you would think that agency’s would be better at identifying that the reason for tension and conflict is often created by the formality and rigidness of processes that we put in place to help us be more efficient.

I often look back at my time working at both small agencies and startups with great nostalgia. For those of us who have spent time in similar small organizations, we know what it’s like to have that small company, “we can get it done,” team spirit. Or at least what’s it like to work with your slightly awkward extended family

Pulling it all Together to Define your Firm’s Foundational Model

If you are a new agency entity, your foundation building is going to be a lot simpler than changing an existing agency’s model. 

Building something new or from scratch can also be pretty similar, the one constant you both have are your people.  What may be different is how set everyone is in their old ways of working and a willingness to do something different. For management, we know that we need to have a business plan and some strategic idea of where we want to go.

Ed’s Guidelines for Managing Creative Firms & Teams.

Learn to talk about what you do, and how you do it.

It doesn’t matter if you are an agency owner, an account person, a project manager or a developer, everyone in the agency needs to be able to talk to a client. You should be able to tell them why you are working a certain way, and why your way of doing things is important to your process. 

Creative projects, technical or not, require a high-level of client/agency trust. When everyone in the agency feels comfortable enough to talk to a client, then both sides can be at ease and have a clear understanding of expectations...