Back-End Developer - Job Description

Back End Developer

The Back End Developer (BED) programs and grows a client's brand with the agency on an ongoing and project basis. They will function as a key member of the Development team responsible for programing and back-end integration for the project. Working with the other team members in creating, iterating, presenting, and executing exceptional design solutions that exceed client expectations. In this role, the BED insures that the agency provides:

  • Sound and responsible marketing counseling and planning.
  • Solid scalable software platforms from the ground up.
  • Proper and innovative execution of work in all areas on schedule.
  • Deliver a consistently superior creative product.
  • A collaborative approach to the user-centered design process.
  • Innovative solutions and experiences.
  • Sound code.

The Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or equivalent education and experience. 
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in software engineering and/or architecture, preferably in a client-facing role.
  • Experience with or strong familiarity with service-oriented architecture and its application to large software projects.
  • Fluency in the principles of user-centered design methods, information architecture, usability, and interface and interaction design
  • A broad portfolio of dev work demonstrating expertise in at least 2 major areas of UX design.
  • A knowledge of the various software options used in the field for design and rapid prototyping (Adobe Creative Suite, OmniGraffle, and Axure)
  • A firm grasp of a range of UX tools, processes, and outcomes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills demonstrated through a comfortability in presenting work and actively gathering feedback, both internally and with clients
  • An enthusiasm for keeping up to date on current topics in the field to inspire and inform client work and organizational culture
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and multitasking capabilities 
  • Interest in and aptitude for creative business and marketing solutions
  • Will make fun of my coding skills
  • Self motivated and willing to expand knowledge
  • Ability to self-manage while managing assigned teams and projects.
  • Hands-on experience with various Amazon Web Services
  • Capability to work on simultaneous projects and meet tight deadlines.

Major Contacts

The BED position requires ongoing and in-depth interactions with the following: The BED reports to the HOD. As assigned, the BED has overall responsibility for designing the client’s front end & user experience design effort. Within the agency, the BED is a development leader for the client and works closely with all agency personnel in developing and executing deliverables. The BED may direct client contact with assigned agency clients. Must have great communication skills.

Responsibilities and Duties

The BED has four areas of responsibility (specific duties of each are explained below)

Planning, Analyzing, Evaluating

  • Develop workable budgets, work plans and realistic timetables.
  • Collaborates with the FED, HOD, Head of Account Services, President, Head of Strategy and Head of Digital, on preparation of marketing recommendations, visual design strategies and actions for the client.
  • Produce technical specs and original designs for new software products and services, based on client requirements and functional specs, in collaboration with other development and product team members.
  • Reviews, analyzes and evaluates the following, relative to the client’s needs and objectives: visual media output, creative output, research reports and client data.
  • Demonstrate ability to recognize upcoming opportunities and threats to their projects.
  • Works with peers in the creation of project specifications and time plans.
  • Assist in translating complex business requirements, user requirements, and specifications
  • Contribute to all aspects of a project: requirements gathering, service development, front-end development, data design, overall architecture, QA, and/or server setup and administration.

Team Leading, Coordinating, Managing

  • Provides Back-End development leadership within the agency on behalf of the client.
  • Monitors all budget, research and design related activity to their individual projects.
  • Maintains communications with appropriate agency and client personnel to ensure positive workflow.
  • Educating clients on visual design and a track record of creating awesome work.
  • Champion internal systems for higher productivity working
  • Support business development by contributing UX perspectives and concept development as needed

Project & Product Management

  • Can self manage projects from concept to finish, ensuring successful project completion against deadlines.
  • Provide and maintain projects status - liaising with development teams, designers and staff to provide accurate updates of project statuses
  • Project quality assurance - testing and review of output, reviewing outputted deliverables against scope
  • Understands: visual design, Ux, UI, branding, positioning development, marketing plans, manufacturing or development needs, timeline and roadmap planning, stats analysis and reporting.
  • Strong back-end skills to develop product ready web applications, functional prototypes and interactive demos for a variety of web and mobile-based initiatives.      
  • Work as point of translation between external and internal, technical and non-technical audiences.                                                                            


  • Management and leadership skills
  • Able to decipher complex communication briefs and objectives into intelligent design and media / technology solutions. - storyteller with the ability to command a room and build strong client relationships.
  • Contribute to all aspects of a project: requirements gathering, service development, front-end development, data design, overall architecture, QA, and/or server setup and administration.
  • Serve as a guide and arbiter of good architecture throughout the course of a project.
  • Provide constructive design and code review for other engineers, both in-house and freelance.
  • Assist project managers and other team leads in keeping projects on schedule and on budget.
  • Identify potential problems and edge cases, and help engineers develop test plans which account for these risks.
  • Collaborate with other technology teams on development of shared tools and integration with the  Tools platform.
  • Effectively communicate project implications and blockers in a clear and timely manner to manager and stakeholders