The Digital Brief

As a follow up to the older "What's in your creative brief?" article, I wanted to just add a note here to expand on the needs of a digital brief. In the digital space, we look to make our projects interactive (using social objects) that are useful, shareable, participatory and most importantly, ongoing.

Online and in the mobile / tablet space, people learn, build communities and openly share what they like. People care about real experiences. Honesty is very important as well, if a brand is not being honest, it's going to be called out. Brands need to remember that online consumers want their opinions heard, that they visit sites based on a need, not on a products new feature. 

The Digital Brief: 

What is the core of the brand?

Who is our Community? 

Where do they hang out? 

What is it that people really want to do with our stuff?

What value can we add? 

What should our content be? 

How will people get involved? 

What platforms, tech & APIs should we use? 

What will make it ongoing & iterative? 

What is our social monitoring and response going to be? 

How will we measure success? 

How do we handle data?