The Integrated Producer (Short) JD

(See the Project Management / Integrated Tab as well for a second JD)

Integrated producers have the ability to manage a project from creative concepting through final delivery. Projects that they manage can span across all platforms, from broadcast and print to interactive, mobile, social and physical experiences. 

They are also what we call "T" shaped in regards to experience. They have a broad knowledge across disciplines, but typically have a core discipline area of expertise. 

An integrated model means that the entire team has the ability to work across media in a supportive manner. It supports a cohesive team effort to produce work that respects and understands the entire media landscape. It borrows heavily from the idea that what we deliver in ongoing content and communication. As such, the way the work is framed is meshed heavily with how work is created digitally.  

Stages in an integrated model may consist of:

Strategy (or Discovery) 

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Brief Development (End result is a an approved brief)


  • Creative Ideation
  • Team oriented Brainstorming (creative team and other cross-function team members, i.e. creative technologist, strategist, Creative UE & producer) 
  • Planning Part 2
  • End result is an approved concept & working project plan


  • Functional Spec
  • Workshops & Sketchs
  • Wireframes / Mapping the User Experience / Prototypes
  • Design Boards / Storyboards
  • Copy Deck
  • End result is an approved design / copy deck / func spec & measurement plan

Build / Make

  • Shoots (Broadcast, non-broadcast and still)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Post Production
  • Code
  • Tech Development
  • QA Testing
  • End results would be approved Beta, approved release (traditional and agile approach) 
  • Deploy
  • Media Fulfillment


  • Qual / Quant Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Post Launch Updates
  • Social tracking
  • Social response plan
  • Ongoing engagement

Responsibilities of a typical integrated producer:

  • Project planning, including estimating, budgeting, scheduling, scope determination and risk assessment. 
  • Act as the lead client facing project manager. 
  • Ability to look at the big picture, not just from a limited single project perspective. 
  • Manage team, monitor costs, resources and timing, document and ensure that projects are successfully completed.  
  • Actively communicate, manage and partner with vendors and staff. 
  • Create an environment where creativity can flourish and projects are delivered on time and on budget.  

Typical Requirements

  • Knowledge and understanding of creative and production department skills, which include interactive, experiential, broadcast and post production. 
  • Specialty in a specific content area is ok, but must be able to communicate with proficiency across an array of media content creation. 
  • Understanding of technologies and limitations is key. Advanced understanding of web and video technologies a plus. 
  • Must have experience coordinating teams, high attention to detail and great interpersonal skills. 
  • This position requires someone who works well under pressure and is self-motivated. 
  • Producers should have a proven record of working in a creative environment with at least four years digital/broadcast production project management or producer experience. 
  • Candidates should be versed in producing campaigns across content platform spaces.