Over the past year, I've worked and visited with some amazing agencies and individuals. While the conversations often lean towards discussions on storytelling, the importance of strategy, and creating content that sticks, one of the more important threads throughout the dialogues have been the urge for craft.

As someone who has always been an advocate of the creative process, this underlying need resonates. Within the chaos in which ideas are born, is the acknowledgement that as much as we are original creative thinkers, we are the craftsmen of ideas. As makers for hire, we take on the responsibility of building something that is worthy of being talking about and shared.

While craftsmanship doesn't replace authenticity, it certainly support it. When we put our all into a project, we put our heart into making something, the originality and emotion shows. Our goal in today's world is to make stuff that our audience wants, wants to share and will find interesting months from now.

We are past the days where awareness is the single end goal. We want our work (and our client's products and services) to be the favored choice. Consumers are pretty savvy. With every dollar hard earned, they analyze every purchase and truly take into account how passionate they are about a specific item before they make a purchase.

As consumers ourselves, we are equally as passionate about our choices. Look at the environments we choose to work in and how as creatives we work. It comes as no surprise that the places I visited had elements that showed craftsmanship in the work and the workplace. Be it the design of the office, a physical workshop, handmade furniture, a painted mural, or hung and worn hand-silkscreened t-shirts and accoutrements – all of these agencies had an affinity for crafting that bled from ideation into something physical as well.

In a creative shop, crafting is part of who we are and is one way of refining our chaos. Crafting shows in both small and large ways. So remember, it's important to allow crafting a chance to happen for it evolves the work, refines our targeting, and will tell a better story that people will want to share.