Business Development / Head of Account Services - Job Description

Business Development Director / Head of Account Services

The Director of Business Development / Head of Account Services will be responsible for identifying, pursuing and closing new business opportunities on a local, regional and national scale that are aligned with the long-term strategic goals. Director of Business Development / Head of Account Services reports to the Agency partners with senior creative leadership in a highly collaborative and team-oriented environment with the aim of winning new business. In addition, you typically would be responsible for building and growing awareness of the The Agency Brand by overseeing PR efforts.

The Director of Business Development / Head of Account Services (BD) maintains and grows our agency's business and client base on an ongoing and project basis. They create and maintain relationships with existing and potential clients, developing strategic solutions and plans that best fit the agency and clients’ needs. In this role, the BD insures that the agency provides:

  • Sound and responsible marketing counseling and planning.
  • Innovator and influencer level communications.
  • Deliver a consistently superior creative product.
  • Work that is strategic and above all creative.

The Requirements

  • MBA preferred, or Masters in Business or Marketing, commensurate experience in building agency client portfolios.
  • Interest in and aptitude for creative business and marketing solutions
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in building new business and account management in an agency environment (digital, broadcast, production, creative)
  • Highly motivated, with a proven track record of new business acquisitions and expansion of client accounts
  • Experience navigating large and complex organizations, including gaining access to key executives and stakeholders and successfully managing relationship building dynamics and processes
  • Ability to manage complex contract negotiations and working with legal counsel as required
  • Ability to manage multiple business initiatives in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Expert knowledge of all functional agency departments, capabilities and service areas
  • Deep understanding of a wide range of industries, markets and brands, and what it takes to stand out and service them
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills
  • Flexibility with schedule to meet client commitments, traveling as required to pursue business development
  • Great project management abilities
  • Self motivated and willing to expand knowledge
  • Ability to self-manage while managing assigned teams and projects.

Major Contacts

The Director of Business Development / Head of Account Services position requires ongoing and in-depth interactions with the following:  The BD reports to the agency partners. Within the agency, the BD is the leader for our new business and PR efforts. As assigned, the BD has overall responsibility for leading assigned client services effort. Within the agency, the BD works closely with all agency personnel in developing plans, recommendations and deliverables. The BD will have direct client contact with new and existing assigned agency clients, PR and consultants, media partners and potential agency partners.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Director of Business Development / Head of Account Services has four areas of responsibility (specific duties of each are explained below)

Planning, Analyzing, Evaluating

  • Develop workable budgets, work plans and realistic timetables.
  • Collaborates with the Account Supervisor or Manager, Client Services, on preparation of marketing recommendations, strategies and actions for the client.
  • Reviews, analyzes and evaluates the following, relative to the client’s needs and objectives: media output, creative output, research reports and client data.
  • Defining project scope, estimate and writing proposals, works with producer in the creation of project specifications and time plans.
  • Identify and develop target list of clients and partners
  • Understand business objectives, challenges and opportunities of target and industry
  • Secure and present company credentials
  • Manage and budget activities for business development activities (databases, Industry groups, events and conferences)
  • Develop in collaboration with the The agency team, innovative and / or differentiating products and services 
  • Networking to find new business opportunities
  • Updating portfolio items for marketing materials
  • Coordinate and manage agency new business presentations and meetings

Team Leading, Coordinating, Managing

  • Be the agency’s lead ambassador and business evangelist, embodying the studio’s core values and differentiating perspectives
  • Identify the right opportunities across industry sectors and media that align with the agency’s ongoing strategy
  • Maintain and develop prospective client and key strategic partners network
  • Gather and identify RFPs to be evaluated with senior leadership team
  • Contribute to all aspects of the sales process, from the RFP response and pitch to contract negotiations
  • Represent the agency at conferences, events and symposiums
  • Provide market research, analyses and insights into latest industry trends
    Provides leadership within the agency on behalf of the client and prepares all agency credentials and RFPs. 
  • Position Impact with key industry influencers and though leaders
  • Lead and manage new business presentations as assigned
  • Grow and develop existing client accounts.
  • Keeping new business status reports up to date
  • Monitoring and enforcing new business risk and constraints (schedule / scope / resources)
  • Champion internal systems for higher productivity working

New Business Project Management

  • Manage agency new business efforts and projects, involved with projects from start to finish, ensuring successful project completion against deadlines.
  • Provide and maintain client contact and relationship database.
  • Product manage long term properties including: positioning development, marketing plans, manufacturing or development needs, timeline and roadmap planning, stats analysis and reporting
  • Networking online and offline to find new business opportunities
  • Lead and manage new business presentations 
  • Updating portfolio items for marketing materials
  • Handling telephone calls for new leads
  • Arranging sales and creative presentations and meetings
  • Seeking new opportunities to add value to existing clients
  • Identifying and nurturing new business opportunities
  • Working with clients to sign off on contracts and estimates
  • Work with agency lawyer and general manager to review contracts.