Account Executive - Job Description (Simple)

The account executive is often the starting / entry level position in an agency in regards to client services. This is a quick job description that reviews the duties of an account executive. Keep in mind that in many agencies, the account executive role also includes project management. Or in agency that relies on a producer model, the account executive's role could be limited.

The Account Executive

Responsibilities and Duties
An Account Executive has four areas of responsibility (specific duties of each are explained below)

Planning, Analyzing, Evaluating

  • Develop workable budgets, work plans and realistic timetables.
  • Collaborates with the Account Supervisor or Manager, Client Services, on preparation of marketing recommendations, strategies and actions for the client.
  • Reviews, analyzes and evaluates the following, relative to the client’s needs and objectives: media output, creative output, research reports and client data.
  • Provide client platform / business updates on a regular basis to demonstrate upcoming opportunities and threats to their business
  • Defining project scope, estimate and writing proposals, works with producer in the creation of project specifications and time plans.

Team Leading, Coordinating, Managing

  • Provides leadership within the agency on behalf of the client and prepares all work requests, client briefs.
  • Monitors all budget, research and production activity on assigned accounts and communicates status of each project to appropriate agency and client personnel in order to meet project deadlines.
  • Maintains communications with appropriate agency and client personnel to ensure positive workflow. Escalating exceptions and client issues to Director level as required

Educating clients and managing their needs and expectations.

  • Keeping project status reports up to date
  • Monitoring and enforcing project constraints (schedule / scope / resources)
  • Champion internal systems for higher productivity working

Project & Product Management

  • Manage client projects, involved with client projects from start to finish, ensuring successful project completion against deadlines.
  • Provide and maintain projects status - liaising with development teams, designers and commercial staff to provide accurate updates of project statuses
  • Project quality assurance - testing and review of output, reviewing outputted deliverables against scope
  • Source of assets from clients, other agencies and third party suppliers.
  • To facilitate direct contact or to insulate our staff from direct contact on an as needed basis!
  • Product manage long term properties including: positioning development, marketing plans, manufacturing or development needs, timeline and roadmap planning, stats analysis and reporting

4. Marketing & Sales

  • Networking online and offline to find new business opportunities
  • Lead and manage new business presentations as assigned
  • Updating portfolio items for marketing materials
  • Handling telephone calls for new leads
  • Arranging sales and creative presentations and meetings
  • Seeking new opportunities to add value to existing clients
  • Identifying and nurturing new business opportunities within current client portfolio
  • Working with clients to sign off submitted work
  • Invoice chasing and escalation as needed